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Our policies


Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. is committed to provide world-class sea transportation of goods that meet or exceed safety, environmental and customer requirements and its employees with a working environment that is safe and healthy. Each Company member is individually responsible for working in a manner which protects human health, safety and environment.

To succeed in our mission our Top Management has undertaken the responsibility and commitment to:

  • Establish, maintain, monitor, review and continuously improve operating procedures that ensure the safety of our daily operations in all fields
  • Establish, Promote, Monitor and Review Health Safety and Environmental performance standards – targets. Benchmark our performance against our competitors
  • Identify and adopt Best Industry Practices as mandatory requirements
  • Assess continuously all identified risks for the Personnel, the Environment and the Ship as property and counteract establishing safeguards
  • Provide adequate resources to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment for all personnel
  • Lead by Example and motivate Personnel to promote Health Safety and Environmental protection practices
  • Train and Educate all personnel in excess of the Industry mandatory standards
  • Be prepared for emergencies by conducting frequent drills and continuous training
  • Adopt and implement a “Just Culture” and “No Retaliation” policies for those voluntarily reporting Incidents and Near Miss Incidents. The same stands for personal complaints of any kind.
  • Adopt and implement ‘Zero Tolerance Policy’ for deliberate violations of National or International regulations or the company’s internal procedures. The same stands for acts of retaliation against those reporting such violations
  • Cooperate in full with any Authority investigating Incidents or Violations of any kind
  • Prohibit any discrimination against employees because of the individual’s race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law
  • Always conduct business in compliance with all laws and trade restrictions imposed by United Nations, United States, European Union and other national and supranational authorities and legislators

To implement this policy, Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. operates and maintains a Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the ISM Code & ISO 14001:2015.


Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. is committed to provide safe and environmentally friendly sea transportation services of the highest quality and focus on working with reputable Companies who control cargoes and cooperate according to Alberta’s standards.

Alberta’s philosophy and business strategy are focused on modern and efficient vessels operated with sophisticated management systems, having safe operations at the core of all our activities.

Health, safety, environmental and security excellence are our prime operational targets and have officially set the following long-term aspirations and targets:

  • Zero incidents
  • Zero accidents
  • Zero spills or releases to the environment
  • Zero customer complaints
  • Operations at a stage of excellence
Health & Safety Policy

Alberta Shipmanagement is committed to provide world-class sea transportation of goods that meet or exceed safety, environmental and customer requirements and its employees with a working environment that is safe and healthy. Each Company member is individually responsible for working in a manner which protects human health, safety, and environment.

It is the Company policy to promote safety at sea and in the workplace and to avoid damage to the environment. Equally, the health of Company’s employees is a top priority, seeking to ensure that all employees execute their work under healthy and hygienic conditions.

With the aim to comply with this Policy, the Company spares no effort to identify, manage and eliminate the risks and hazards associated with its activities.

Company’s principal objectives are to:

  • Prevent pollution of the Environmental, eliminate injuries and illness to its employees by ensuring implementation of the health, safety and environmental procedures, rules and regulations through review, auditing, and training. Zero Accidents, Zero Incidents, Zero Spills, or releases to the environment.
  • Have a positive social and environmental impact through eco-efficiency, responsible sourcing, working conditions as per Regulatory Standards, gender balance, social equity, human rights, employee and community relations and anti-corruption measures.
  • Maintain the highest technical, operational and health standards.
  • Fulfil contractual requirements and meet customers expectations.

For accomplishing the above objectives, the Company:

  • has developed and established an HSEM system which promotes safety, environmental protection, continuous improvement, and enhancement of personnel skills,
  • employs personnel that have the required hard, soft skills and experience and provides continuous training,
  • abides by all applicable legal and regulatory requirements, mandatory rules and regulations, codes, guidelines, and standards recommended by the Company, classification societies and maritime industry organizations as same may be related to safety, occupational health, and environmental protection,
  • regularly reviews, amends, and updates its policies and procedures to ensure suitability and efficiency,
  • has established safeguards against identified risks, unsafe conditions, and practices,
  • maintains emergency response procedures and conducts regular drills to ensure emergency preparedness,
  • benchmarks its performance and takes corrective actions when necessary,
  • adopts new technologies consistent with its strategic goals and its commitment to protect the environment.
  • Communicate this Policy to all Company personnel and the interested public
Drug and Alcohol Policy

To maintain an alcohol and drug free working environment:

  • We have adopted a ZERO ALCOHOL No alcohol will be supplied or allowed on board.
  • No Company personnel shall undertake his / her duties whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Alcohol max blood content is set as 40mg/100ml for people off duty and 0mg/100ml for people on or about to take over duty. Anything above these values will be considered as intentional –serious- violation of Company’s policy.
  • Misuse of legitimate drugs or the use, possession, distribution, or sale of un-prescribed drugs is strictly forbidden.
  • The Master is responsible for enforcing the company’s Drug and Alcohol policy onboard and he must ensure that all crew members are fully aware of and understand the company’s Drug and Alcohol policy.
  • The company is responsible for reporting any possession/use of illegal or misuse of legal (un-prescribed) drugs to the local authorities and / or to the Flag state and will fully cooperate in any investigation concerning alcohol or drugs on board our ships.
  • It is everybody’s responsibility to immediately report violations to the management onboard or ashore;
  • Crew members are only allowed to receive non-alcoholic beverages during their service onboard;
  • Flag, Port or Customer requirements exceeding this policy shall be taken into consideration. OCIMF guidelines for control of D & A onboard are recognized as a part of the Company policy.
  • During port stay, the consumption of alcohol 4 hours’ prior his scheduled watch/duty is prohibited.
  • Any misconception of the level of alcohol concentration does not exclude disciplinary and legal action;
  • Disciplinary action up to and including dismissal in case of non-compliance with this policy;
  • D&A tests are to be carried out in accordance with tests procedures as these described in VOP-G-6.
  • Personnel on prescribed drugs must declare this to the Master on joining the vessel, or upon prescription if prescribed during the period of service onboard. The Master should report to the Company respectively.
Stop Work Policy

Stop- Work Authority is granted to all Alberta’s Shipmanagement Ltd. Employees, contractors and guests to suspend individual tasks or group operations when there is an imminent danger (i.e. any condition or behaviour that could reasonably be expected to cause death or serious injury, or environmental harm). It is our Policy that:

  • All team members have the authority and responsibility to stop any task or operation where concerns or questions regarding the control of the Health, Safety or Environmental risk
  • No work will resume until all stop-work issues and concerns have been effectively and appropriately addressed by the responsible officer.
  • Any form of retribution or intimidation directed at any member for exercising their outlined in this policy, will not be tolerated.

Situations that require STOP Work Authority to be implemented are:

  • A change: a modification or alteration that deviates from the way the assigned task is normally performed or may cause unsafe work actions or conditions
  • An unplanned event: an unplanned event that distracts crew from the assigned task being performed which may cause unsafe work actions or conditions.
  • An observation with Health, Safety and Environmental impact: Whenever it is observed a condition or situation that has an impact on health, safety and environment.
  • An incomplete understanding: Whenever a crew does not completely understand instructions, procedures or on-going activities.
  • New hazards observed or arise unexpectedly: Whenever a risk is encountered that have not been addressed during pre-job briefing, job hazard analysis or Risk assessment.
  • A need to ask for support/ assistance: whenever a job requires additional people, or the experience level of the person performing the assigned task requires support, an unsafe work action or condition may occur.

The Stop-Work Authority process involves a Stop, Notify & Investigate, Correct, Communicate, Re-evaluate, Investigate, Share Lessons Learnt and Resume approach for the resolution of a perceived unsafe condition, act, error, omission or lack of understanding that could result in uncontrolled Health, Safety and Environmental risks. All employees and contractors have the authority and obligation to stop any task or operations where concerns or questions regarding the control of Health, Safety and Environmental risks exist.

Environmental Policy

Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. is committed to the protection of the environment and will strive for continual performance improvement to every aspect, including pollution prevention.

The Company’s Environmental Campaign emphasizes source reduction, including funding and human resources necessary to effectively maintain and repair the systems, equipment and components found in machinery and cargo (deck) spaces of the vessels.

The Company’s policy is to manage and operate vessels so as to avoid damage to the environment and to achieve Zero-Spills or releases to the environment and Zero Incidents.

Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. is committed to:

  • Ensure compliance with the applicable rules, regulations, standards and other requirements.
  • Provide all necessary resources required to achieve all environmental objectives and the goals set forth in this policy.
  • Constantly strive to minimize its environmental impact through comprehensive environmental protection programs and practices.
  • Ensure continuous improvement in environmental performance.

The Company’s Management:

  • Is totally committed to improve environmental standards.
  • Will actively encourage and promote the demanded levels of awareness.
  • Will respond positively to recommendations from both shore and sea staffs that propose changes in policy, practices or equipment necessary to improve standards.


  • All incidents concerning an environmental impact (or potential impact) will be immediately investigated and recommendations communicated through line management and the DPA.
  • Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. has a strict policy against incentive or bonus programs based on minimizing operational costs associated with the operation, maintenance and repair of systems, equipment and components without ensuring that efficiency and performance is maintained at the highest level. Employees must not sacrifice environmental compliance to save costs.
  • Failure to notify the Company of a violation of the Environmental Campaign, or other Environmental protection law or requirement constitutes grounds for discipline and / or dismissal.
  • Consequences for failure to comply with the Company’s operating procedures and this Policy include termination of employment and liability for criminal, civil, and administrative penalties resulting from such non-compliance.
  • Company’s personnel ashore and aboard, must NOT retaliate against a subordinate, co-worker, employee, or crew member for their reporting of any violation of this Policy. Failure to comply with this policy will subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of services.
Social Responsibility Policy

Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. Is committed to conduct its business in a responsible and lawful manner with respect for the wider economic, social, and environmental impact of its activities, respecting the following principles:

• Being committed to ethical, honest, transparent and sound Business Conduct, by applying high standards of legal and moral ethics, to the best interest of all our Stakeholders, while at the same time protecting information that may be of value to the Company.
• Support of free enterprise and competition in a fair and ethical manner.
• Respect of national and international human and labour rights as set forth in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, ILO Conventions, IMO Conventions and MLC 2006.
• Make sure that Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd does not take part in children’s exploitation and will not tolerate the use of child or forced labour, nor exploitation of children in any of its operations.
No discrimination based on race, colour, religion, gender, age, national origin, sexual orientation or any other characteristics protected by applicable laws regarding recruitment, development and advancement of employees.
• Building a diverse and inclusive workplace that values differences, respect human rights, provides equal opportunities and treats all employees fairly.
• Protecting the Health and Safety of Alberta’s employees and contractors and preventing incidents through carefully planning operations, identifying potential hazards, and managing risks.
• Respect, consider and respond to the interests of the Company’s stakeholders and employees.
• Transparency and accountability for the organization’s impact on society and the environment.
• Operating responsibly towards the society and the environment.
• Committed to drive continual improvement in Health & Safety, Human & Labour rights and Environment while adhering to the principle of respect for the rule of law
• Operating in a manner that complies with applicable laws and is consistent with the international norms of behaviours.
• Integrating sustainability throughout the Company and practicing it in relationships that are within the Company’s control or sphere of influence.

Social responsibility encompasses our Company’s responsibility for the impact of our activities and decisions on the environment, society, and the economy. As such, our social responsibility is the Company’s contribution to sustainability. Sustainability is the capability of the Company to transparently manage its responsibilities for environmental stewardship, social well-being, and economic shared value.

Our commitment to Social responsibility is embedded to our Company by making sustainability and the responsibilities associated with sustainability, part of the daily work instructions and operational control of everyone in Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd.

We aim to integrate sustainable thinking and corporate social responsibility into all our business process and business relationships.

We recognize that our operations have a global influence, as such we work diligently with our employees, local communities, and internationally recognized bodies to ensure that sustainable and responsible approach is inherent in our purpose.

Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Policy

Alberta Shipmanagement Ltd. Is committed to conduct its business in an ethical and honest manner, and is committed to achieving the highest standards of ethical conduct and professional integrity and to implementing and enforcing systems that ensure bribery and corruption is prevented. The Company has zero-tolerance for bribery and corruption.

Alberta Shipmanagement is committed to acting professionally, fairly, and with integrity in all business dealings and relationships, wherever it operates.

This anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy apply to all employees at any level, consultants, contractors, trainees, seconded staff, agents and any other persons associated with the Company.

Any arrangements the Company makes with a Third Party, is subject to clear Contractual Terms, including specific provisions that require Third Party to comply with minimum standards and procedures relating to anti-bribery and corruption.

Bribery refers to the illegal act of offering, giving, promising, asking, agreeing, receiving, accepting, or soliciting something of value or of an advantage, in order to induce or influence an action or decision.
Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain.

Gifts and Hospitality: The Company will accept appropriate gestures of hospitality and goodwill as long as the offered gift meets the following requirements:

• It is not made with the intention of influencing an action or decision, to obtain or reward the retention of a business or a business advantage.
• Is not made with the expectation of a return-favour.
• It is in compliance with Local Law.
• It is given in the name of the Company, not the Individual’s name
• It does not include cash or cash equivalent ( i.e vouchers)
• It is appropriate for the circumstances (i.e small gifts around Christmas) but of not excessive value.
• It is given and received openly, not secretly
• It is not selectively given to Key & influential Persons of the Company, clearly with the intention of directly influencing them.

The intention behind the gift being given /received should always be considered.
Where it is inappropriate to decline the offer of a gift (i.e when meeting with an individual of a certain religion/culture who may feel offended by the decline) the gift may be accepted, as long as this is declared to the Managing Director.

Facilitation Payments: The Company does not accept and will not make any facilitation payments with the purpose of expediting routine governmental actions.
Political Contributions: The Company will not make donations, whether in cash, kind, or by any other means, to support any political parties or candidates since such donations may be perceived as an attempt to gain an improper business advantage.

Charitable Contributions: The Company accepts and encourages the act of donating to charities – whether through services, knowledge, time, or direct financial contributions– and agrees to disclose all charitable contributions it makes, as long as it ensured that they are not used to facilitate and conceal acts of bribery.

Employee Responsibilities
All Company Employees are equally responsible for the prevention, detection and reporting of bribery and other forms of corruption. They are required to avoid any activities that could lead to or imply a breach of this anti-bribery policy. If any employee has reason to believe or suspect that an instance of bribery or corruption has occurred or is about to occur, he/she should report it at once to the Company. The Company reserves the right to terminate a contractual relationship with an employee if this Policy is breached.